Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Marijuana

Slows Cancer Cell Growth-Research shows that cannabidoil works to slow and even stop cancer cells from spreading by turning off specific genes central to the growth of cancerous tumors.

Treats Glaucoma-Smoking marijuana decreases pressure in the eye, relieving the increased eye pressure associated with Glaucoma.

Decreases Parkinson’s Tremors-Based on a study done in Israel, Parkinson’s sufferers showed decreased tremors and pain, while improving sleep function when smoking marijuana.

Helps with Hepatitis C Treatment– Marijuana users were way more likely to complete their Hepatitis C treatment (86%) compared to their non-marijuana using counterparts (29%).

Treats Crohn’s Disease– Researchers found that cannabis improve gut health of Crohn’s Disease patients.

Improves Epileptic Seizures-Research from New York University shows that seizure suffers who were resistant to pharmaceuticals responded positively to cannabidiol.

Cannabis Keeps You Thin-Marijuana smokers are significantly less likely to obese compared to non-smokers.

Pain Relief– Those with chronic pain have found relief through marijuana was more effective than Aspirin.

Reduces PTSD Symptomalogy– Preliminary research shows that marijuana improves several PTSD-related symptoms including flashbacks, poor sleep, and agitation.

Asthma-Based on a study that looked at asthma suffers over 20 years, moderate marijuana smoking actually improved asthma sufferers’ pulmonary functioning.

Anxiety Reduction-Marijuana use has been shown to decrease levels of anxiety, according to a Harvard study.

Relieves Arthritis Symptoms– Arthritis sufferers reported pain reduction and improved sleep using a cannabinoid-based medication..

THC Dosage according to Body Weight/Experience

When consuming edibles, especially for the first time, it's important to start slow.

Do not exceed 5 mg for your first time.

Wait a minimum of 2 hours before consuming more

Effects of edibles tend to set in slow and steady, and will last anywhere from 4-8 hours

This Chart is to be used as a quide only, as results may vary.

Experience Level 2-25 Lbs 26-45 Lbs 46-85 Lbs 86-150 Lbs 151-240 Lbs 240+ Lbs
Low 4 mg 6 mg 7 - 10 mg 11 - 15 mg 16 - 20 mg 21 - 30 mg
Moderate 7 mg 10 mg 11 - 15 mg 16 - 25 mg 26 - 40 mg 41 - 60 mg
High 9 mg 12 mg 13 - 20 mg 21 - 35 mg 36 - 60 mg 60 - 100+ mg